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Conan, what is best in life? No, not all that crushing of enemies and lamentation of women crap...
Feb 29 '12

Cavalier Brown…Manilla Road - Playground of the Damned

(I have been without the internet at home. It has made me very irritated. Hopefully this will be updated more regularly when the bloody thing finally comes back)

This’ll be a short one, because a) I had this one a while ago and am writing this based on old notes, b) I’m not really that familiar with the style they were going for (American Brown Ale); and c) while it was pretty decent, it wasn’t anything that lit a fire under my bum. This brewery has only recently come up on my radar, and I applaud their ethos. There is definitely a need for more like them. As you can see, they appear to do these brews in smallish batches (yes, the stats on tha label are hand-written). It poured with a massive head as you can see from the shot, which is a really nice change compared the the average Aussie brew, which usually gives up the ghost after a minute or two. Aromas were very bready and malty, and the taste was similar. As I understand, hops are generally welcome in this brew but my hop-meter didn’t detect nearly enough. Then again, I love the hop, so maybe my judgement is a bit biased. Regardless of the abscence of the bitter flower, it was a nice, fairly sweet malty brew that would go down a treat in winter.

And yes, you get Manilla Road again. This is their 2011 album, and as usual, with Mark “the Shark” Shelton’s vision, you get the haphazard-yet-true-as-fuck production, his epic themes, his bludgeoning riffs and his nasal voice that shreds posers from here to Eschaton. I have yet to be disappointed by any Manilla Road album, but this one was a bit of a let-down compared to their untouchable classics from the 80s, or even their 2008 killer Voyager. Then again, it still made it into my top album list, which tells you that even at their most disappointing, Manilla Road still tears the shit out of most bands’ best.

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